Vianen for a moment the centre of the world (of Aikido).

In the weekend of the 6th and 7th of June was the                                                                                            Dojo of Kyorakukan in Vianen foseminarr a moment the centre of the Aikido world.

With a total of 60 participants from Switzerland, the Czech republic, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands  the 6th edition of the seminar with Shishiya sensei was a great success.

In three sessions Shishiya sensei shared more than just the basic techniques of (for example) Shiho Nage and Nikyo but also explained the different application versions. After the third session it was time for 11 candidates for their Dan examination. Shishiya sensei was enthusiastic about the shown level of experience.

On behalves of the Enbukan board I congratulate:

Shodan:  Marinda, Kevina, Ivo, Emile

Nidan: Nicole, Fred, Sander, Ferdinand, Sven

Sandan: Eric and Wil

Beside the seminar and the examinations there was also an additional event going on. Kyorakukan celebrated their 20th anniversary.